About ARMtech

We're a team of accounting technology specialists who spun off of TaxStream following its acquisition by Thomson Reuters, and we're changing financial software.

Our products are designed by accountants and built on modern, proven cloud technology, so it's fast and always available. That also means there's practically nothing stopping you from trying it right now. And, once you're running, there's no maintenance.

Yes, we are compliant with SSAE 16, and we publish our SOC 1 Type 2 report.

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About EquiLink

Our Fortune 500 clients commonly struggle with the same thing. Their spreadsheets can't keep up with modification accounting issues due to changing vesting terms, retirement planning, forfeitures, and employee mobility. EquiLink makes it possible to:

  • account for award conditions when they occur,
  • prove out balances with roll-forward reporting,
  • link employee mobility with service, and
  • generate all the corresponding journal entries.

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In under 30 minutes, you'll see how EquiLink simplifies reporting for even the most complex plan. We'll even import your own data.

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The All-in-One solutions are more susceptible to hardening of their software arteries simply because they have more of them.

Kevin Brady in The Case for Best of Breed in Share-Based Compensation

This is a bottom up approach that creates and maintains all critical elements of the amortization and tax accounting calculations at the tranche level. By starting at the bottom, it is possible to rollup any component of the calculation, thereby providing a clear audit trail. This compares favorably to a top down approach where the components of the calculation must be unraveled from a topside point of view.

Kevin Brady in An Accounting View of Share-based Compensation

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Learn how our clients achieved total control over their equity compensation issues. Read on.

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Learn how to use EquiLink for your common—and not so common—equity compensation scenarios.

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  • Mark-to-Market Accounting

    Fair value must be marked-to-market for cash-settled awards and stock-settled awards where service inception date precedes grant date.

  • Mobility and Expense Allocation
  • Performance Conditions and Vesting