Your Broker Is Not Your Accountant

EquiLink Beats the Brokers for ASC 718 / FAS 123(R) Reporting

Let's face it: brokers simply aren't in the financial reporting business. They want to trade and manage wealth, and each highly compensated employee is a potential client. In their world, corporate tax and accounting issues are just unfortunate side effects, so you're left to reconcile stacks of spreadsheets and oversimplified reports.

EquiLink: Proven Financial Reporting for Equity Compensation

Our Fortune 500 clients commonly struggle with the same thing. Their spreadsheets can't keep up with modification accounting issues due to changing vesting terms, retirement planning, forfeitures, and employee mobility. EquiLink, designed by accountants, makes it possible to:

  1. account for award conditions when they occur,
  2. prove out balances with roll-forwards,
  3. link employee mobility with service, and
  4. generate all the corresponding journal entries.