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Tax Departments often have to deal with historical data & employee mobility issues in addition to the calculations for tax deductions, DTA management, and withholding tax. How can EquiLink help?


EquiLink, using its mobility engine in conjunction with either our tax calculations or those already being provided to you on spreadsheets, automatically transfer DTA’s upon mobility input.

EquiLink automatically calculates tax entries for deductions, intercompany charge-outs, DTA build, relief, or write off. It manages and allocates tax deductions, both domestic and foreign break outs, and intercompany charge-outs to foreign entities based on time in legal entity or country during the vesting period.

Yes. Since employee gains and corporate tax deductions are calculated in the same system it eliminates reconciliations. We understand the importance for your company as the gain reported on the W-2 needs to be reconciled to the corporate tax deductions your company takes before those deductions will be allowed. You can use both our withholding tax and corporate tax reports to ensure your deductions will be automatically reconciled. Additionally, EquiLink can assist with a tax audit because all transactions and reports are time-stamped so historical information can easily be retrieved during an audit.

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