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EquiLink™ Features & Benefits

Equity Compensation expense has only been around since 2006. As a result, it is often maintained outside the legacy systems of the company. This can be a problem because Equity Compensation touches many systems including budgets, general ledgers, payroll, tax and human resources.


Most companies CAN’T consider the integration of equity compensation data into their legacy reporting systems because Equity Compensation is computed on spreadsheets. It is difficult to integrate spreadsheets with existing systems because spreadsheets are unstructured and data points can change from one reporting period to the next. This means that points of integration can move, creating a break in the process that must be corrected with a manual workaround.


EquiLink supports a repeatable process that delivers the same results every time. These results can be consumed by the following systems within the company:


  • General ledger
  • Budgets
  • Payroll
  • Human Resource Analytics and Planning
  • Tax Provision
  • Tax Return


EquiLink can be configured to feed data into each of these legacy systems, providing a single source of detail for all of your Equity Compensation calculations and storage requirements.


EquiLink provides a platform for a service offering that includes:


  • Process design using our best practices.
  • Data preparation and loading.
  • Customized reports that can be fed into internal legacy systems.
  • System configuration to meet specific client needs.



Our service team has a long history of successful system integrations. See About for more details.

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